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Stallion Listings
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Pony Name:: Flying Diamond The Bailef

Fees:: $750.00
Breed:: Welsh Pony
Sire:: Gayfields Court Scandal
Dam:: Ramber Reflection
Color:: Grey
Height:: 13.1
Owner:: Lazy J Welsh Pony Ranch
Address:: 330 County Road 1573
City:: Linden
State:: Texas
Zip:: 75563
Phone:: 903-756-9959
2009 - January-Listing # 3142
Pony Name:: Marwibon Du Euriad Trysor

Fees:: 100.00 ( collection & shipped semen charges not included.)
Breed:: Section B Registerd Welsh pony
Sire:: Marwibon Honymar Talesin
Dam:: Marwibon Onida Melantha
Color:: Gray
Height:: 12 3 1/4
Mare Care:: 7.00
Owner:: Riva England
Address:: 76844 fm 2005
City:: Goldthwaite
State:: Texas
Zip:: 76844
Phone:: 325-948-3456
2009 - January-Listing # 3143


Pony Name:: South Texas McCoy

Fees:: $350
Breed:: Quarter Pony and Quarter Horse
Sire:: South Texas Acre
Dam:: A Dun Jac
Color:: Dun
Height:: 14-2
Mare Care:: $10 wet, $8 dry
Owner:: Bill and Martha Sheppard
Address:: 10362 465th St.
City:: Pearl
State:: IL
Zip:: 62361
Phone:: 217-829-4409

2009 - January-Listing # 3140

Pony Name:: *Duntarvie Touchstone

Fees:: $750.00
Breed:: Section B Imported Welsh
Sire:: Lemonshill Limelight
Dam:: Duntarvie Hosanna
Color:: Buckskin (Dun)
Height:: 12.3
Owner:: Lazy J Welsh Pony Ranch
Address:: 330 County Road 1573
City:: Linden
State:: Texas
Zip:: 75563
Phone:: 903-756-9959
E-mail Address::
Address if you have one::


2009 - January-Listing # 3141


Pony Name:: Docs Gold Impression

Fees:: $300.00 ($100.00 non-refundable booking fee included)
Breed:: AQPA
Sire:: Harlans Poco Van
Dam:: Show Me The Silver
Color:: Palomino
Height:: 14.0 H
Mare Care:: $10/day-dry $12/day-wet
Owner:: Melinda Heyman
Address:: 1559 W Twp Rd 198A
City:: Tiffin
State:: Ohio
Zip:: 44883
Phone:: 419-618-0084
E-mail Address::

2008 - October -Listing # 3139
Pony Name:: Oh Can I Please

Fees:: PT
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Can Creation
Dam:: Pick Me Please
Color:: sorrel
Height:: 15-2
Owner:: John and Amy Warther
Address:: 1305 E Ave
City:: Vinton
State:: Iowa
Zip:: 52349
Phone:: 612-201-0331
E-mail Address::
2008 - December -Listing # 3140


  Pony Name:: Badgered To B dun

Fees:: 200
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: peppys cody bar king
Dam:: be a peppy star
Color:: Dun
Height:: 14.3
Mare Care:: 7 dry 9 wet
Owner:: Caron Williams
Address:: 7555 Map Rock Rd.
City:: Caldwell
State:: Idaho
Zip:: 83607
Phone:: 208-459-1155
E-mail Address::
2008 - October -Listing # 3138


Pony Name:: Heavenly Jacob

 Fees:: 300
 Breed:: Section A Welsh
 Sire:: *Friarly Benjamin
 Dam:: Snow Pony Sparkles
 Color:: Chestnut Sabino
 Height:: 12.0 hands
 Owner:: Kimberly Chapin
 Address:: 2632 F.M. 1903
 City:: Caddo Mills
 State:: Texas
 Zip:: 75135
 Phone:: 903-527-3759
 E-mail Address::
 Website ::
2008 - May -Listing # 3136
Pony Name:: Olena Supreme

Fees:: $350
Breed:: American Quarter Horse
Sire:: Santos Chex
Dam:: Supreme Feature
Color:: Sorrel
Height:: 14.1
Mare Care:: $3
Owner:: Kathy Schaefer
Address:: 116 S. Broadway
City:: Miller
State:: South Dakota
Zip:: 57362
Phone:: 605-204-0134
E-mail Address::
2008 - July -Listing # 3137


Pony Name:: Hedonism

Fees:: $350.00 , Trades Welcome for Fees
Color:: Palomino
Height:: 13.2 Hands
Mare Care:: free Mare care for owners providing hay/grain
Owner:: ZZ Ponies
Address:: 108 Hatfield Rd.
City:: Niles
State:: MI
Zip:: 49120
Phone:: 269-683-2402
E-mail Address::  
2008 - Feb -Listing # 3135
Pony Name:: Creeksan Copper Road

Fees:: Stud Fee $200.00
Breed:: AQPA, AQHA
Sire:: Creeks San Badger
Dam:: Croties Holly Gin
Color:: Red Dun
Height:: 13.3
Mare Care:: $6/day
Owner:: Ellen Boom
Address:: 26340 REB Lane
City:: Eastman
State:: WI
Zip:: 54626
Phone:: 608-874-4734
E-mail Address::
2008 - April -Listing # 3136


Pony Name:: Ranchy Driftwood

Fees:: $350 breeding fee
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Yellow Cord
Dam:: Cicely Kee
Color:: Red Dun
Height:: 15 hands
Mare Care:: $8/day
Owner:: Hockenson Quarter Horses
Address:: 1040 160th Street
City:: Nichols
State:: Iowa
Zip:: 52766
Phone:: 319-330-6862
E-mail Address::
2008 - Jan -Listing # 3133
Pony Name:: Jacks Our Bartender

Fees:: $350 breeding fee
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Bartenders Memory
Dam:: Watch Miss Jo Jackie
Color:: Bay Roan
Height:: 15.2 hands
Mare Care:: $8/day
Owner:: Hockenson Quarter Horses
Address:: 1040 160th Street
City:: Nichols
State:: Iowa
Zip:: 52766
Phone:: 319-330-6862
E-mail Address::
2008 - Jan -Listing # 3134


Pony Name:: Smart Lil Doc

Fees:: $400
Breed:: AQPA
Sire:: Smart Lil Playboy Sired by Smart Lil Lena
Dam:: JR'S Diamond Pep P-5494 AQPA
Color:: Sorrel
Height:: 14.1
Mare Care:: $4.00 per day
Owner:: Robert Collins
Address:: 17251 Bethlehem road
City:: Winslow
State:: Ar
Zip:: 72959
Phone:: 479-839-8575
E-mail Address::
2008 - Jan -Listing # 3131
Pony Name:: Leos Poco Powder

Fees:: $350 breeding fee
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Vagabond Cat
Dam:: Shesa Fair Penny
Color:: Perlino
Height:: 15 hands
Mare Care:: $8/day
Owner:: Hockenson Quarter Horses
Address:: 1040 160th Street
City:: Nichols
State:: Iowa
Zip:: 52766
Phone:: 319-330-6862
E-mail Address::
2008 - Jan -Listing # 3132


Pony Name:: Dun Owen

Fees:: $350
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Cool Hand McJunior
Dam:: Gamblin Chic
Color:: Grulla
Height:: 14.2
Mare Care:: $3.00 wet $5.00 dry
Owner:: Mike Ward
Address:: Rt 1 Box 23
City:: Findlay
State:: Illinois
Zip:: 62534
Phone:: 217-246-7740
E-mail Address::

2007-Nov -Listing # 3129
Pony Name:: LJS Black Leo

Fees:: Call or email me for more information
Breed:: Quarter horse
Sire:: Licorice lancer
Dam:: Luckybarsconclusion
Color:: Black
Height:: 14.7 hands
Mare Care:: Call or email me for more information
Owner:: Carola Westman
Address:: Bjurtjärn Lövås 2
City:: Storfors
State:: Sweden
Zip:: 688 92
Phone:: 0046 550 32222/0046 70 7700817
E-mail Address::
2008 - Jan -Listing # 3130


Watch A Leo Moon

Fees::  2008 - $500
Breed:: Quarter Horse / Quarter Pony (AQHA, NFQHA, AQPA, IQPA)
Color:: Bay
Height:: 14.1 hh
Owner: Nicki Stephens
Address:: 7201 N. 45 E.
City:: Idaho Falls
State:: ID
Zip:: 83401
Phone:: 208/313-4488
E-mail Address::


2007-Sept -Listing # 3127

Pony Name:: TLP Eyem Payton A Moon

Fees:: 650.00
Sire:: Two Eyed Chico
Dam:: Miss Tress Moon
Color:: Black & White Overo
Height:: 13.3
Mare Care:: 10.00
Owner:: Tracy Nichols
Address:: 6206 NE 137 Ave.
City:: Vancouver
State:: Washington
Zip:: 98682
Phone:: 360-901-7034
E-mail Address::
2007-Sept -Listing # 3128


Pony Name:: Ima Scenic Lito Sonny

Fees:: $250.00 Intro Fee
Breed:: APHA
Sire:: Skip Bar Sonny
Dam:: Completescandleofhope
Color:: Red Roan Tobiano
Height:: 14 H
Mare Care:: $8.00 day dry
Owner:: InStride
Address:: Danielson Pike
City:: No. Scituate
State:: R.I.
Zip:: 02857
Phone:: (508) 336-4610
E-mail Address::
2007-July -Listing # 3125
Pony Name:: CM Three T Joeg
Fees:: $400
Breed:: American Quarter Horse
Sire:: Three Toe Jack
Dam:: Little bit Blueblood
Color:: Bag Roan
Height:: 15.1
Mare Care:: NA- Pasture Breed
Owner:: Marriott Quarter Horse
Address:: 5750 W 950 N.
City:: Ogdun, UT 84404
Phone:: 801-388-4652
E-mail Address::







2007-Sept -Listing # 3126


Pony Name:: Working For Chexs

Fees:: 750.
Breed:: AQHA Quarter Horse
Sire:: Reminic, NRHA Million Dollar Sire
Dam:: BUENO CHEX CANDY (by Bueno Chex)
Color:: Bay with stripe, snip & white stalkings
Height:: 13.2 hands
Mare Care:: $10 dry, $14 wet
Owner:: Deanna Lally
Address:: 16114 51st Street SE
City:: Snohomish
State:: WA
Zip:: 98290
Phone:: 425-308-8677
E-mail Address::

2007-June -Listing # 3123
Pony Name:: PF Clue

Fees:: $1000
Breed:: Quarter Horse
Sire:: Kid Clu
Dam:: Bees Deautonte
Color:: Chestnut
Height:: 15.3
Mare Care:: 8.00 a day
Owner:: Wallace Santos
Address:: 3557 Smith Ave.
City:: Biggs, Ca 95917
E-mail Address::

2007-June -Listing # 3124


Pony Name:: Vociferous

Fees:: $250.00
Breed:: AQHA, AQPA
Sire:: Shadows K Noshame
Dam:: Slip Away Miss Leo
Color:: Buckskin Dun
Height:: 14 Hands
Mare Care:: $3.00/day, $5.00/ day with colt
Owner:: Dan and Susan Dowdy
Address:: 4152 S. County Rd. 1200 W.
City:: Medora
State:: Indiana
Zip:: 47260-9772
Phone:: 1-812-966-2432
E-mail Address::
"Buck" is a very calm and easy to work with horse. He has a small baby doll head and lots of muscling through out his body to show off. He also rides with smooth and fluid gaits. He has halter, performance and running blood in his pedigree including Skipsters Bid, Bon Jour Bar, Stereo Deck, Honey Dodger 2, and Little Joe Moore. Buck has the looks, athletic ability, and temperament to be a great sire.

2007-Feb. -Listing # 3120
Pony Name:: Lotto

Fees:: $450. AI & Shipped semen charges apply
Breed:: Quarter pony
Color:: Cremello
Height:: 13. h
Mare Care:: No live cover
Owner:: Jennifer Dunham
Address:: 35705 Sage Rd
City:: Hemet
State:: CA
Zip:: 92544
Phone:: 951-767-0410
E-mail Address::

2007-March -Listing # 3121


Name:: C Im A Swede

Fees:: 250
Breed:: AQHA
Sire:: Bay Boys Raven
Dam:: Rippers Misty Blue
Color:: Grey
Height:: 14.2
Mare Care:: 7 a day W/D
Owner:: Katina Morrow
Address:: 7568 Riley Rd
City:: Celina
State:: Ohio
Zip:: 45822
Phone:: 419-953-0998
E-mail Address::

2007-Feb. -Listing # 3118
Name:: RW Leos Prescription

Breed:: AQHA
Color:: Perlino
Height:: 15.2
Mare Care:: 5 dry 7 wet
Owner:: Kathy Whinery
Address:: 1807 N Maggie Way
City:: Maricopa
State:: AZ
Zip:: 85239
E-mail Address::




2007-Feb. -Listing # 3119


Name:: Docs Producer Leo

Fees:: Booking $100 Stud fee $500
Breed:: AQHA registered, APHA listed
Sire:: Docs Slick Willie (buckskin)
Dam:: Leos Sugar Scooter (buckskin)
Color:: perlino
Height:: 14.3
Mare Care:: Dry $5/day, wet $8/day
Owner:: Colored Cowhorse Ranch
Address:: P.O. Box 399
City:: Lovelock
State:: NV
Zip:: 89419
Phone:: (775)273-0724
E-mail Address::
2007-Feb. -Listing # 3116
Name:: Muchacho Pintero

Fees:: Booking $100, stud fee $500
Breed:: APHA
Sire:: Docs Muchacho (by Doc Quixote)
Dam:: Oh Kitty Oh (by Three Ohs)
Color:: sorrel tobiano
Height:: 14.3
Mare Care:: Dry $5/day, wet $8/day
Owner:: Colored Cowhorse Ranch
Address:: P.O. Box 399
City:: Lovelock
State:: NV
Zip:: 89419
Phone:: (775)273-0724
E-mail Address::
2007-Feb. -Listing # 3117


Name: SS Flashin My Badge

Fees: 250.00
Sire: JF Apollo Skyflight
Dam: Sparklin China Doll
Color: Chestnut/White Homozygous Pinto Stallion
Height: 12.0
Live Colored Foal Guarantee
Shipped semen available (at mare owners expense)
Mare Care: $5.00 for mares under 14.0 hands, $8.00 otherwise
Owner: MV Andrew Ranch
235 E Poe Prairie
Millsap, Tx 76066
Phone: 817-629-3138

2007-Jan -Listing # 3114

Name: Smoke Tree Gold Fever

Height::13.2hh Palomino stallion,
Sire: Gayfields the Thief...
Dam Smoke Tree Gold Fever,
Fee: resh, cooled and frozen semen for sale
$600.00 stud fee includes $100.00 booking fee.
10% discounts to multiple mares, 4-H and pony club members.

Owner; Carolyn Guinotte
Wye Valley Farm
5220 Lemon RD NE
Olympia WA 98506.
360 438 8460

2007-Jan -Listing # 3115


Name:: Pocopep Rowdy
Fees:: 300
Breed:: AQPA
Sire:: Pocopep Hardtwist
Dam:: Eat My Dust
Color:: Palamino
Height:: 14HH
Mare Care:: 2.00/day
Owner:: Carousel Ponies
Address:: 47721 222nd St W
City:: Lancaster
State:: CA
Zip:: 93536
Phone:: 800-559-9148
E-mail Address::

2006-Oct -Listing # 3112
Name:: Poco Dun Gone Gray

Fees:: $300.00
Breed:: AQHA, AQPA
Sire:: Poco Lohos Dun
Dam:: Cinnamon Gray
Color:: Gray
Height:: 57
Mare Care:: $0 included in fee
Owner:: Autumn Kinser / K&H Performance Horses
Address:: 10427 W. 1000N
City:: Norman, IN 47264
Phone:: 812-521-6207
E-mail Address::

2006 -Nov -Listing # 3113


Name:: JC SKIPS LEO DILLON 4572672

Fees:: $100-GRADE, $250-REGISTERED
Breed:: AQHA
Color:: GRAY
Height:: 14 H
Mare Care:: $5.00 DRY, $7.00 WET
Owner:: JC EQUINE+
Address:: 2788 100TH
State:: IA
Zip:: 50129
Listing # 3110
Name: Larks Painted Dinero

2001 Bay Tobiano
Sire- Rugged Lark
Breed - APHA
Dam- Prissy Companion
Height- 14.2
Fee - $750
Owner - Lynn Palm
Address- Fox Grove Farm
9445 60th NW Ave.
Ocala, FL 34482
Listing # 3111


Name:: Rips Pretty Lonesome

Fees:: $400.00
Breed:: AQHA, American Buckskin Horse Assocaiton, NFQHA
Sire:: Rip Rap Road
Dam:: Pretty Lady 73
Color:: chocolate buckskin
Height:: 14.1
Mare Care:: $5.00
Owner:: Lynde Doup
Address:: 1210 So. Cr. 900 W.
City:: North Vernon
State:: IN
Zip:: 47265
Phone:: 812-569-2622
E-mail Address::
Listing # 3108
Name:: Yellow Jacket 2004

Fees:: $450
Color:: Palomino
Height:: 13-3
Mare Care:: $6
Owner:: Douglas and Jennifer Davis
Address:: 16271 Iris Blvd
City:: Drakesville
State:: Iowa
Zip:: 52552
Phone:: (641)680-0420
E-mail Address::
Listing # 3109


Name:: Chaparral's Te' Quiero
Fees:: $650.00
Breed:: Welsh/Quarter Pony registration
Sire:: *Broadlands Royal Regent
Dam:: Chaparral's Queen Bee
Color:: Grey
Height:: 13.0
Owner:: Diane & Tom Isaacson
130 Canyon Acres Drive
Santa Barbara, California 93105
Phone:: 805-682-0958

Listing # 3106
Name:: HH Fancy Footwork

Fees:: $400
Breed:: Breeding Stock Paint
Sire:: Le Maitre APHA
Dam:: Taylors Passin Fancy AQHA
Color:: Chestnut
Height:: 15. Hands
Mare Care:: $2.00 /Day
Owner:: Kacee Lantz
Address:: 35804 N. Short Rd.
City:: Deer Park
State:: WA.
Zip:: 99006
Phone:: (509)292-7001 or (509)599-1915

Listing # 3105



Name:: Summit Phoenix
Fees:: $500.00
Breed:: Section B Welsh
Sire:: Kenfel Sunbird
Dam:: Misty Mountain Abigail
Color:: Buckskin (Dun)
Height:: 13.1 1/2
Mare Care:: $7.00 Dry $9.00 Wet
Owner:: Sandie and Troy Brick-Margelofsky
Address:: 5420 Section Line Rd.
City:: Dodgeville
State:: WI
Zip:: 53533
Phone:: 608/935-5982
E-mail Address:: 
Listing # 3104
Name:: Tre of Music

Fees:: $500
Breed:: AQHA/FQHA 89% Foundation
Sire:: Blu Frost Hancock
Dam:: A Run Command
Color:: Gray
Height:: 14.1
Owner:: Judy Smead
Address:: 5015 E Ustick Rd. #149
City:: Caldwell
State:: ID
Zip:: 83605
Phone:: 208-353-2523
E-mail Address::
Listing # 3103


Name:: Unchaga Supreme

Fees:: $500
Breed:: APHA
 Sire:: Sierra Supreme
 Dam:: Flaxy Baby Cakes
 Color:: Sorrel
 Height:: 14.1 1/2
 Mare Care:: $8.00
 Owner:: Lindsey Wood
 Address:: RR#1 mile 308 Box 27
 City:: Fort Nelson
 State:: Canada
  Zip:: V0C 1R0
 Phone:: (250) 774-6375
  Listing # 3102