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Stallion Listings
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Name:  Tuff As Me

Fee: $500
Breed: AQPA
Sire: Tuff A Lena
Dam: Rock Me
Color: Black
Height: 14.1
Mare Care: 

Owner: Robert E. Hunter, DVM
Address:  10163 Badger Creek 
City/ State/Zip: Wilton, CA.  95693
Phone: 916-687-8843

Listing #: 2029

Name: Super Smooth Gem

Fee: $500
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Mr. Super Smooth 1192498
Dam: Sox Charming Gem - 2087383
Color: Homozygous for Black
Height: 15 H
Mare Care: First week Free/ $5 a day after

Owner: Kathy Brandenburg & Jon A. Neff
Address: 13142 White School Rd.
City/ State/Zip: Gratiot, Wis. 53541  
Phone: (680)677-2009

Listing #: 2025



Name: Lynx Boogie
Fee: $500
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Doc Lynx's
Dam: Boogies Choice
Color: Liver Chestnut
Height: 14.2 H
Mare Care: Included

Owner: Jesse Lorraine Nickell
Address: 3212 Smith Bottom Road 
City/ State/Zip: Cottonwood, CA.
Phone: 530-347-0410
Web site: 

Listing #: 2027

 Name:  Dregneys Grand Slam

Fee: $400 / multiple discount
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Zans Foxy Dude
Dam: Skipping Berry
Color: Palomino
Height: 15.2 H
Mare Care: $5 / day - wet or dry

Owner: Terry Lund
Address: 3764 Union Dane Road
City/ State/Zip: Brooklyn, WI.  53521  
Phone: 608-455-2318

Listing #: 2026


Name: Features Flashy Joker  $250

Fee: $250

Breed: AQHA
Color : Chestnut w/chrome
Height: 15h
Sire: New Feature by Sir Quincy Dan by Quincy Dan
Dam: Flash On Goldie by Goldie's Dude by Pecos Joe Jim
Fee: $250 LFG  Live cover to approved mares, no booking fee, A.I. availability pending
Mare Care: $5/day
Owner: Debra L. Weiss
Telephone: (480) 987-5079
Address: 20738 E. Superstition Drive
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Listing #: 2023

Name:  Docs Poco Man

Fee:  $500
Sire: Docs Perscription
Dam: Della Poco Mano
Color: Chestnut
Height: 14H
Mare Care: $5.00 Dry - $7.00 Wet

Owner:  Tom Palahniuk
Address:  N36688 Schon Hollow
City/State/Zip: Whitehall Wi. 54773 
Phone:  725-538-4911




Listing #: 2022


Name:  Davey Rocket

Fee:  $350
Breed:  AQPA
Sire:  Harbor Super Chex
Dam:  Pony Cross
Color:  Buckskin
Height:  13½ Hands
Mare Care:  $4/day

Owner Hired Hand Ranch
Address:  11001 Reecer Creek Rd.
City/State/Zip:  Ellensburg, WA  98926
Phone:  509-933-2882





Listing #: 2021

Name:  JB Fantasma  

Fee: $500
Breed:  AQPA
Sire:  Lucifer Dawn
Dam: Shimmer
Color:  Palomino
Height:  13.2 Hands
Mare Care:  $4

Owner:  Barbara Webb
Address:  3773 Hacienda Rd.
City/State/Zip:  Cottonwood, CA  96022
Phone:  530-347-0925

Throws a large % of palomino and buckskin

Listing #: 2020


Name:  Sherwood Gold
Fee: $300
Sire:  Nottingham Gold
Dam:  Smooth Scarlet Lady
Color:  Palomino
Height 14.1HH

Owner:  Jan Goates - Hangin 'J Ranch
Standing at:  HB Ranch  6625 - 26th St. 
City/State/Zip:  Reo Linda, CA  95673
Phone:  916-991-1928


Listing #: 2019

Name:  M.G.R.M. Mick O'Lean O'Flynn

Fee:  $500
Breed:  Connermara
Sire:  *Canal Laurinston
Dam:  M.G.R.M. Caliope
Color:  Black
Height:  14.1H
Mare Care:  $4/day

Owner:  Diane Harding
Address: Box 266
City/State/ZIP:  Snagudo, Alta, TOE 2AO Canada
Telephone:  780-785-3455

Listing #: 2018


Name: Captain Golden Boy - $200.00

Fee: $200
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Big Red’s Sonny
Dam: Bonnie Beck Lady
Color: Palomino
Height: 14.2H
Mare Care: $3/day

Owner: Rodney & Tony VanderBeek
Address: 18733 220th Avenue
City/State/ZIP: Eddyville, IA 52553
Telephone: 641-969-4265

Listing #: 2013

Name: Barry John

Fee: $750/$500 LFG
Breed: Welsh Cob
Sire: Leyeswick Brenin
Dam: Mary’s Bronwyn
Color: Mahogany Bay
Height: 14 H
Mare Care: $5/day

Owner: Flying Colors Farm
Address: 14181 McLeod Co. 2
City/State/ZIP: Glencoe, MN 55336
Telephone: 320-864-7669

Listing #: 2012


Name: King Of The Wind 

Fee:  $400/$200
Breed: Welsh-Section B
Sire: Chance’s Golden Opportunity
Dam: Fauns Baby Girl
Color: Gray
Height: 13.1H
Mare Care: $5/day

Owner: Flying Colors Farm
Address: 14181 McLeod Co. 2
City/State/ZIP: Glencoe, MN 55336
Telephone: 320-864-7669

Listing #: 2011

Name: Bobby Lee Badger

Fee: $250
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Black Bobby Badger
Dam: Brown De Koko
Color: Black
Height: 14.1H
Mare Care: $3/$4/day

Owner: Deb Schubert
Address: Rt 3 Box 86
City/State/ZIP: Okabena, MN 56161
Telephone: 507-853-4605

Listing #: 2012


Name: Forester Calypso

Fee: $500
Breed: AQHA
Sire: Pass The Forester
Dam: Calypso Queen
Color: Red Dun
Height: 16H
Mare Care: $5/day

Owner: Angela Long
Address: P O Box 47
City/State/ZIP: Lauderdale, MS 39335




Listing #: 2009

Name: Brandsby Jack Frost 

Fee: $400
Breed: Dartmoor (Imported)
Sire: Brandsby Tornado
Dam: Park Jemima Jane
Color: Bay
Height: 48"
Mare Care: $4/day

Owner: Chris & Linda Lucas
Address: 1005 Pearlwood Road
City/State/ZIP: Albany, Ohio 45710
Telephone: 740-698-6497

Listing #: 2010


Name: Cloe Blue Bayou

Fee:  $100 LFG
Breed: Welsh-Section A
Sire: Cloe Olympian-B
Dam: Cloe Pecan Doll-A
Color: Gray Roan
Height: 12.1H
Mare Care: $5/day

Owner: Linda Vig
Address: 19800 Spring Valley Rd.
City/State/ZIP: Macomb, OK 74852
Telephone: 405-899-4387

Listing #: 2007



Name: HHRobins ScenicJet

Breed: APHA/PtHA
Sire: What A Jet
Dam: My Sister Pat
Color: Sorrel Overo
Height: 13.3H
Mare Care: P-$7/day
H-$10/day, wet add $2/day

Owner: Sandie Brick-Margelofsky - AQPA Inspector
Address: 5420 Section Line Road
City/State/ZIP: Dodgeville, WI 53533
Telephone: 608-935-5982

Listing #: 2006

Name: Customs Rising Star -

Fee: $500/$100 Booking Fee-AI only
AWR Sport Pony
Sire: Malbecs Bandit
Dam: Custom Velvet Star
Color: Black
Height: 14H
Mare Care:

Owner: Wendlandt Performance Horses
Address: P O Box 8121
City/State/ZIP: Red Bluff, CA 96080
Telephone: 530-527-9401

Listing #: 2004


Name: Flying Colors Black Gold

Fee: $400/$200 LFG
Breed: Welsh-Section B
Sire: Flying Colors King Of The Wind
Dam: Flying Colors Star Of The East
Color: Bright bay
Height: 13H
Mare Care: $5/day

Owner: Flying Colors Farm
Address: 14181 County Road 2
City/State/ZIP: Glencoe, MN 55336
Telephone: 320-864-7669

Listing #: 2001

Name: Sir Fancy Ranger

Fee:  $150.00
Breed: AQPA
Sire: AQHA
Dam: Pony Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 13.2H
Mare Care: $3/day

Owner: Kim Owen
Address: 211 Owen Road
City/State/ZIP: Rose Bud, AR 72137
Telephone: 501-556-5236

Listing #: 2002