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The year of 1964 brought to life a dream of Harold Wymore, a well-driller/horseman from New Sharon, Iowa. From age 11, Harold had developed a talent in purchasing, trading and training horses and ponies of all types. In the early 1960’s, Harold purchased 2 sorrel geldings at a local sale. Nothing was known about their ancestry. A neighbor boy was interested in horses and ponies but his parents could not afford to buy. Harold told him that if he helped him on his farm, then he would teach him about care and showing. These 2 gelding proved to be versatile in both farm work and showing. As time passed it became increasingly harder to take grade horses and ponies to shows of any type. Registration papers were required at many open shows.

It was at this point that Harold decided to try to bring his dream to life. This dream was to develop an association for small horses and ponies of unknown ancestry. The 2 geldings purchased in the early ‘60s had been the catalyst. They had proven that although ancestry was not known, they could still be productive. Even though geldings could not reproduce, there was still plenty of stallions and mare of unknown parentage that could and there needed to be records kept.

Thus the American Quarter Pony Association was established. Harold knew that registration requirements needed to be set. This was going to be one of the hardest parts. What height requirement was going to work – minimum was set at 46 inches, maximum was to be up to but not including 14.2 hands or 58 inches (the USDA’s definition at that time of a pony was anything under 58 inches). Next was whether color breed characteristics would be accepted – it was decided no. Other requirements were: no gaited animals, must have western type conformation, and most important – parentage could be unknown. It was also decided that small horses and ponies that were registered with other associations would be accepted if they met our requirements. Crossbred as well as purebred animals would have a place for records to be kept. Acceptance of the new registry was beyond Harold’s expectations. At the time of his death in 1988, Harold had seen many changes come to the AQPA, a newsletter had been started and a point system was in the works.


Today, the AQPA continues its slow-steady growth. With ponies registered in every state in the US and all provinces of Canada, as well as several foreign countries, Harold Wymore’s greatest ambition in life is still going strong.

The AQPA point System has drawn interest from young and old. We try to stress FAMILY and one way this is done is by having a Point System that allows adults as well as children to earn points. Points can be earned at ANY type show – from 4-H to rodeos. We do this in order that all AQPA owners have the same chance at awards whether they live in an area that has 50 shows or 10 shows a year. This also helps in areas where there are not enough AQPAs to justify having a registered show or class. Over and over we emphasize that we want our Point System to be challenging but not discouraging. Too many of the people responsible for the Point System "pulled" to shows only to be told that the class was canceled or no points could be earned since a "required number" of entries was not there.



YOU and others who believe in the need for a place for these type of small horses and ponies are our future. We want not only the serious breeders and show people, but the person that has only one pony or small horse. In this Association, the "little" guy counts as much as the "big" guy.

Come join us today and keep the dream alive and growing.